Bench on a carpet of red

Englischer Garten, München, Notis Stamos
Taken during an early visit about half an hour before sunrise

Not one of my usual shots, but somehow the scene with the bench on the red leaves and the yellow leaves hanging overhead caught my eye. This is a park in Munich called Englischer Garten.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018



    1. Thank you Francine! You don’t need my permission to paint it. I own the photo, not the scene. In any case I would be very interested in seeing your painting when done.

    1. Hi Monika and thank you! You could do that, put the camera in the box that is. Although, if the photos in your blog are yours, then you have nothing to be jealous of. Alternatively, you could get your camera out of the box and try to make the best photo you’ve ever made. And if you really like my photos, pick the one you like the most and use it as inspiration. Go out there and try to take a similar photo, or even better, a more beautiful photo based on the same idea.

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