A short break

Grainau, Clouds, B&W, Notis Stamos
This is Grainau near the Zugspitze, which is on the right (out of the frame).

… from the winter shots. I took this photo an early afternoon of a midsummer day, mainly because the clouds drew my eye. The light was already very hard and I deliberately added more contrast during post as everything on this photo is just a frame for the clouds and the mountains in the distance.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018


    1. Hello Tom. I really liked the first photo in the series. The number of followers, likes and visits does not affect the value of a like. It does not even say much about the quality of the blog I am afraid. So no need to thank me any more than the others that liked your photos. Thanks for visiting!

      1. I guess so, Notis.
        Though I assume you scroll past many hundreds of posts, so I like the fact that you liked it but you are right, every like is a like no matter how liked the liker!
        You have a good blog, and will stay tuned.

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