Waves of light

  When I posted Tunnel entry I promised that I would later post a photo from the inside of the tunnel. Well, … here it is. © Epameinondas Stamos 2016

Bench on a carpet of red

Not one of my usual shots, but somehow the scene with the bench on the red leaves and the yellow leaves hanging overhead caught my eye. This is a park in Munich called… Continue reading

A short break

… from the winter shots. I took this photo an early afternoon of a midsummer day, mainly because the clouds drew my eye. The light was already very hard and I deliberately added… Continue reading

Sunrise mist

This is another take of Barmsee, same spot and time, just tighter crop and processed for a warmer look. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017

The other 1%

There is a road in the countryside south east of Munich that is completely unremarkable for 99% of its length. It is flat, it runs through a couple of villages, it splits fields.… Continue reading

Waiting for our tree to grow

These little mushrooms are in a small forest, just two – three hundred meters from my office. I photographed them one afternoon right after work. Unfortunately I was still in a suit, so… Continue reading

Howling wind

OK, I admit it, this is not the photo composition of the year, but I had to photograph that wind and snow sweeping over the frozen lake. I created a cinemagraph from a… Continue reading