Sunset on the mountains

This is a photo of lake Walchensee from a nearby peak called Jochberg. I went up there to photograph the sunset on a beautiful October afternoon. You can see the video of me… Continue reading

On location video: Bayrischzell at dawn

This is a video from an early morning in the mountains near Bayrischzell. The morning didn’t start very promising but eventually the light changed and I was rewarded with a couple of my… Continue reading

Stubbornly still yachts

I was passing next to this small port in Chiemsee one morning when a larger boat sailed by and all the yachts starting swaying in the water. I decided to set up the… Continue reading

Misty daybreak under the Alps

Particularly Saturdays and Sundays, when I go to photograph. Although I must admit, in this case I was hoping there would be some mist and I was not disappointed. © 2020 Epameinondas Stamos

Three huts photo processing

Ordinarily this photo shouldn’t have needed much of a processing. But when you manage to make so many mistakes within 5 minutes when taking it you pay for it with time in front… Continue reading

Josefstaler cascade

Josefstaler is a series of small waterfalls near Schliersee in south Germany. I visited the area in September expecting the autumn to be in full swing, but autumn came late this year. ©… Continue reading


Kochelsee is one of the many lakes at the foot of the Alps. I took this photo from a nearby peak called Jochberg (well actually here I am a few meters below the… Continue reading

Home made photo

You don’t always have to travel for an hour, or climb a mountain to get a landscape photo. I took this one from my kitchen window. © Epameinondas Stamos 2020

First Light

During a recent excursion to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for some dawn photography I ended up at Gerold, a village nearby. It turned out to be an early photographers gathering, all gathered in the same spot… Continue reading

Two huts in the morning sun

It’s been a while, again… But after a needed break, I am photographing again. This time, I am also venturing into the world of vlogging, which is a whole new experience for me,… Continue reading