Under the morning sun

In retrospect I should have tried a couple of shots closer up to them with the sun on my right or on my left.

I am not sure how these wheat (?) packs are called, but it’s been a long time that I wanted to photograph them. So I took this shot mainly because of them. The sun was so strong at the time that the shade immediately attracted me as a means to keep the sun within the frame while avoiding the flare.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018



  1. They appear to be straw round bales, made from the straw of the grain that was harvested. One of my favourite items to photograph, especially in strong fall light or winter snow. Allan

    1. Yep, that’s right, straw not wheat and yes, bales was the word I was looking for… I’ve never seen them in winter snow though. I will keep an eye for them this winter. Thanks Allan!

      1. No, I mean in general. I saw them several times but I was going by car then and the driver wouldn’t stop just for me to make a shot.

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