Deep in the forest

Taken about a year ago during a morning tour around Eibsee. The fog was so thick that photographing the lake was out of the question – until later when I got the island… Continue reading

Face off

I recently set up a small portable photo studio in my living room, with the purpose of photographing flowers and other small things. I have several ideas and testing them should fill several… Continue reading

Lake cabin

I recently went to Schliersee, early on a Saturday morning hoping for some nice mountain reflections. Just before sunrise however, this cabin situated just across from me, on an island in the lake,… Continue reading

The first dusting of snow

  The first snow usually comes in October on the high peaks in the Alps. Down below it is still autumn, but up there winter comes early. This photo was taken a year… Continue reading


Taken a couple of hours after dawn, on a bright winter morning, as the fog was clearing. I had to stand in the water to take this photo and a good pair of… Continue reading

The coming light

Entering Eng Alm just before sunrise, I took this photo because I liked the trees silhouetted against the lightening sky. During post processing, it was a struggle to get the light right, but… Continue reading

After the rain

An early summer evening in south Bavaria. Mostly, I liked the narrow road snaking through the fields in this scene. The wet look is artificial, added during post processing. © 2015 Epameinondas Stamos


The next installment in my Dark Animal Portraits series comes with two young buffalo bulls honing their fighting skills. This was also taken in the Munich zoo at midday and it really took… Continue reading


Commissioned by king Ludwig I of Bavaria, then still a prince, the Glyptotech was built between 1816 and 1830 in order to house a collection of Greek and Roman sculptures. Here photographed during a cold… Continue reading

Into the valley

The Rißbach traverses the Risstal valey, crossing the border from Germany into Austria south of Munich. The valley eventually ends in Eng Alm and the Karwendel natural park. A very beautiful area filled with… Continue reading