Land’s end

This is a photo of the north bank of Kochelsee, taken from the south side, from the road to Walchensee. I had to do some walking to get to a convenient spot, and… Continue reading

Autumn in the valley

This is another photo from Eng Alm in the Karwendel natural reserve. During the first two hours after dawn I decided to use the beautiful trees as foreground, going in very close and shooting… Continue reading

Lonely tree

One day I went out searching for a isolated tree somewhere, hoping to photograph it at sunset. I found this one perfectly situated on a hill, even with a couple of cows underneath.… Continue reading


This is a fellow photographer, photographed during a night photo session at Königsplatz in central Munich. I particularly like the two statues right above him, which look like they are gazing at him.… Continue reading


This is the result of a late night experiment with some water and a very small branch in my home studio. I am still struggling with the focus in macro images. I stacked… Continue reading

Rino drinking

This is the third of my dark animal portraits. Taken at the Munich zoo, as were the other ones, this was towards the end of the day as we were all getting tired… Continue reading


Untersee is a small part of Eibsee, which for some strange reason has a different name. I was there at dawn about a year ago, and I took this photo just as the first… Continue reading

Rain view

A few months ago during a summer storm, I noticed that our kitchen window view was visible in every raindrop on our window. I used the macro lens and some books as tripod… Continue reading


I took this photo of trees a few years ago in October. That morning I was out photographing autumn colors. I ended up not using this photo, but much later I revisited it and… Continue reading

Another misty morning

We get a lot of misty mornings in Munich. No golden red sunrises for us, usually it’s fog all the way to the Alps. So we do what we can with it. I… Continue reading