Taken just before a beautiful dawn, this is a photo of the Pineios river with Meteora in the background. I was drawn to this composition by the vertical symmetry above and below the… Continue reading

Winter storm

This is a photo of the Wettersteinspitzen taken from the coast of Barmsee near Garmisch-Partenkirchen south of Munich. The day started sunny and bright but within one hour the weather turned and it… Continue reading

Night at the park

Taken on a winter night at Olympia park in Munich. Actually on the same night as the moonlit tree, which was a bit further ahead and to the right. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017


This is a second selected shot from a nightly excursion to the Octoberfest last year. Relatively late, so the crowds were thinning out. Normally it is packed. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017

15 minutes to sunset

I drove past this lake last Christmas on one of those rare occasions that it was snowed over. Two days later, as I managed to go back for a few shots, the snow… Continue reading


Taken at the park on a night with a full moon. The moon was photographed separately with a different zoom lens and then the two were combined and processed to this result. ©… Continue reading


This is not a photo of a great vista. Just some tables and chairs in front of a glass building. I was strongly drawn to it though, by the antithesis between the old… Continue reading

Spot the cow

No seriously, there is a cow in the frame. See if you can spot it. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017

Rail tracks

I had spotted this location with the multitude of rail tracks years ago, and I was waiting for the opportunity to go there for some winter night photography. The opportunity presented itself in… Continue reading

The never ending ladder

This is a photo of a work of art in front of the KPMG building in Munich. I took a series of photos during a winter night last year. I have processed this… Continue reading