The bar is open

This is another photo from the Oktoberfest in Munich. It’s usually busier than that, but this photo was taken fairly late in the evening. I really loved that bar in the middle of… Continue reading

Isar channel

Taken during a morning walk by the Isar, on a rainy autumn morning three years ago. You can see two more photos from that day at Isar in the rain and A rainy… Continue reading

Tunnel entry

I shot this late at night and gave several drivers a scare. Standing in the middle of the road with a camera I looked like a policeman with a speed camera. Most of… Continue reading

Rain be welcome

After another long and hot summer, I could almost tell that the tree was happy at this early September rain. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017

Two states of being

I spotted these little flowers by a lake on a September afternoon. It was windy, so I picked up a few and brought them home to photograph them in more controlled conditions. I… Continue reading

Windswept thicket

I took this photo last winter, inspired by the great Michael Kenna, whose photography I really admire. © Epameinondas Stamos 2018

The crying tree

This is one of my one of my favorites since I shot it and processed it, which was two years ago. Somehow it escaped posting until now. © Epameinondas Stamos 2016

The never ending ladder 2

This is the second photo from the ladder in front of the KPMG building in Munich. This one showing a lot more depth, compared to the previous one, which was almost completely 2D.… Continue reading

Misty mountain 2

This is a similar shot with misty mountain, taken on the same occasion, but processed differently for a harsher look. © Epameinondas Stamos 2017


Taken just before a beautiful dawn, this is a photo of the Pineios river with Meteora in the background. I was drawn to this composition by the vertical symmetry above and below the… Continue reading