Besides landscape photography, I also like night street photography. When I get the chance, I walk the streets of Munich at ungodly hours, looking for interesting plays of light and shadow. © 2016… Continue reading

Blue influence

I honestly don’t remember why I named this photograph “blue influence” instead of “blue rose”, or just “rose”, or even “wet rose”. But I did, so the post inherits the name. © 2014… Continue reading

Village by the lake

I really like giving photographs a retro look, so whenever I find the opportunity with something that might have been photographed in the past, I usually try the conversion. This photograph is of… Continue reading

Trickling water

Taken shortly after entering Partnachklamm, a trully spectacular gorge near Garmisch Partenkirchen. I visited a few weeks ago on a typical misty, rainy morning, which however, was ideal for photographing the rock formations.… Continue reading


  This is the fourth of my dark animal portraits. Taken at the Munich zoo, as were the other ones, this was the first photo of the day, and the one, which actually gave… Continue reading

Islands on a sea of trees

This is a two shot panorama of Eibsee. Taken in October last year, it has not been changed at all during post processing. I don’t know what gives the water around the islands… Continue reading

Tree tops

Not all autumns are the same in terms of colors. I took this photo some years ago, on a sunny day, right in the middle of a particularly colorfull autumn.Other than some light… Continue reading

Mossy trees

I saw these trees as I was walking towards Partnachklamm (more photos to follow), a gorge near Garmisch-Partenkirchen and I was really impressed by their green colored branches. The typical Bavarian overcast morning… Continue reading

Isar in the rain

This was taken during a morning walk along the Isar. It was a rainy, foggy day, but that area is so beautiful, the walk was still enjoyable. © 2015 Epameinondas Stamos

Golden Schliersee

This is a photo of the south end of Schliersee, taken from higher up on the western side. This was a bit later in the morning, the sun had just cleared the mountains… Continue reading