Reeds swaying in the wind

A few weeks ago I was coming home from a hike and while driving by a lake I noticed these reeds being pushed around by the wind, which was very strong at the… Continue reading

The mist parade

This is another photo of the Isarkanal, an artificial channel running parallel to the river Isar. No matter the conditions, there are always beautiful spots along its route. © Epameinondas Stamos 2018

Arch bridge

This is a photo of an arch bridge at Pili, near my home town in Greece. The bridge was built in 1514 AD and it still stands and is traversable today. Until the… Continue reading


This photo was taken during one more misty morning, while walking across the Isar. The weather prediction was sunny, but well, this was not the first morning we got fog instead of sun… Continue reading

Under the tree

  I took this photo with high hopes, but the geometry of the photo didn’t work somehow, until I decided to crop out one third of it and add the vignette. © Epameinondas… Continue reading

Around 10 shades of grey

This was an attempt at a different take of an otherwise ordinary shot of a lily. I like the sense of depth the shading gives. © Epameinondas Stamos 2016

Sunlit islands

I took this photo back in 2015 in Eibsee. It was already relatively late and with such a strong sun, the original was full of sunspots (a lot of dust on the lens… Continue reading

Enjoying the view

It took me some time to process this photo. I wanted to go for strong but soft contrast because I didn’t have a lot of features in the background, but I wasn’t quite… Continue reading

The low hanging leaves

I shot this just yesterday morning during a not particularly productive (from a photography point of view) walk up from Schliersee towards Bodenstein. I was expecting sunshine but it was overcast the whole… Continue reading

Winter stroll

This was one of the very few times that I intentionally included people in one of my photos. Usually I avoid that. This time though I think they really add to it. ©… Continue reading