Morning shadows

I took this photograph of the long shadows cast by the morning sun on the forest floor a couple of weeks ago. This is an HDR photo consisting of five exposures merged by HDR… Continue reading

Not quite there yet

A couple of weeks ago I left the house early on a Saturday morning and went to Wasserburg am Inn, which is a small, very beautiful town around 50-60 Km south east of… Continue reading

Sometimes you just get lucky

… and you are at the right place, at the right time to get one of the best shots of your life. This has happened to me only once. But the shot was… Continue reading

Blue blue blue

Is the dominant colour in Greece during summer. Particularly if one is somewhere on an island. All of the following photos were taken with a Canon point and shoot camera. Given that no… Continue reading

Großvenediger – Austria

Two years ago I spent a week trekking the Großvenediger mountain in East Tirol Austria. Here are some of my favourite photos, all taken with a Canon point & shoot camera, which didn’t give… Continue reading