Plan B (BMW Welt) works

There is a location in Munich, just north of the Olympic park, where there is a major road heading west – southwest. A couple of kilometres down the road, there is one of… Continue reading

Our photogenic Christmas tree

We have a tradition in our house; the Christmas tree is always decorated on the 21st of November, so as to give us plenty of time to enjoy it until Christmas. This year… Continue reading

London Christmas and the Gayke

We recently went to London for an extended weekend. The weather was sunny, the babies (relative) cooperative and the prices reassuringly high as always. We flew in early in the morning and our… Continue reading

Failed photos get one more chance

Every photographer has surely on occasion come upon a beautiful scene, set up her camera, taken the photo and left, only to establish later that the photo is not exactly what she had… Continue reading

Black & Snow

Given that snow is (usually) white, when one wants to convert a photo with snow to B&W, one is already halfway there. That gave me the idea, while looking at some old photographs… Continue reading

Painting Burano

Last summer I visited Burano. For those that don’t know Burano, it is a small island 7 km away from Venice. Actually it is not one, it is four (formerly five) islands, which… Continue reading

Mountain of the gods

There are several reasons the ancient Greeks believed that the 12 gods lived and ruled from mount Olympus. The mountain is the highest in Greece at 2918m, it is very beautiful and has… Continue reading


While searching for some photos for a bigger post I am preparing (I expect to post it tonight), I found these three old photos. Since I like them very much, I decided to… Continue reading


Everybody loves them, but they are particularly difficult to capture. It’s pretty much hopeless if one doesn’t have a tripod or an extremely fast lens attached on a camera which is noise free  at… Continue reading

North Italian views

Lake Como is beautiful in October. I assume it is beautiful during the other months of the year too, but I can only testify for October. We (me and the family) spent a… Continue reading