Photography under and above the clouds

Back in November I visited Kochelsee, a lake south of Munich, on a rainy, misty Sunday morning. After taking a few photos of the lake, I took the lift and ascended to a nearby mountain peak (Herzogstand) hoping to get above the clouds.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2021


    1. Thank you Ellen! Honestly, I would love to make a book but I don’t think one copy would cover the cost :-). Well, maybe my mom would also want one, but I would probably have to give it to her for free …

      1. If you created a book of your photos of clouds you could see about publishing it. With some publicity lots of peoole would buy it. There’s also Amazon publishing.
        Just my first reactiin to seeing your sky photos.

      2. Book of photos good choice. This morning I sorted thru a plastic bag of my sketches. Book of sketches is in plans.

        On Tuesday, January 25, 2022, Art at the push of a button wrote:

        > ClickToArt commented: “Yes, you are right, I was just joking. Still, it > requires more work and time than I can afford right now… ” >

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