A tad too big

Schwangau Notis Stamos
Taken near Hohenschwangau in South Germany

It would have been better if the tree was just a bit smaller so that it didn’t reach the first mountain ridge behind it.

You can see the on location video from the morning I took this shot below.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2020



  1. Stunning captures! It is quite difficult to point out which photo is the best, my preference goes to the 2nd last. The trees are slightly lightened and the spaces between are from a soft yellow morning colour. I also feel that this composition, gives more power to the whole picture.

    1. Thank you Greta! It’s interesting that you chose that one, it isn’t the one I would have thought. My favorite is the first one (from the four shown at the end of the video). Probably because of the stronger shadows on the hills. Thanks for watching!

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