Marktl Fog Notis Stamos
Of mist

I seem to be photographing a lot of misty landscapes, but when you live in Germany that’s what you get. If I lived somewhere in the tropics I suppose you would be seeing a lot more coconut trees. This photo was taken shortly after sunrise near a little town called Marktl.

© 2020 Epameinondas Stamos


    1. Hi Janet! Good to “see you”. I see you’ve changed your style since I was last here. I’ll need to spend some time to catch up. Your great great grandfather’s photo looks amazing by the way. I wish I had one of mine.

      1. So good to see you too. That was quite a time out you had. ☺ I suppose I have changed styles a bit. For now. Once COVID is over I’ll be back to photography I hope. For now I’ll just enjoy yours. 😄 Welcome back!

      2. Thanks! It’s been a while indeed. But for now I am back to photography and this time videos as well. Admittedly they are not up to par with the photography, but I am still in the exploration phase. Luckily COVID hasn’t interfered with landscape photography. But let’s hope it all ends soon.

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