Out and about on a misty night

Misty Night Bridge Munich Notis Stamos
Enjoying photography on a tranquil misty night

I’ve posted several landscapes recently, so I thought it was time for a change of scenery. Munich is very peaceful after 11 pm on working days, which makes night photography immensely satisfying.

© 2020 Epameinondas Stamos


  1. The way you will see this photo depends very much on the background and the brightness setting of your monitor. Against a dark background (i.e. not in the reader but directly in my blog) one tends to see banding around the lights. This banding becomes more intense the brighter the setting on your monitor. If you don’t see the bridge, then your monitor brightness setting is too low compared to mine. If you happen to have exactly the same brightness as I have, then you will be able to see the bridge and no or very little banding.

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