The other 1%

Moosach, Road, snow, Forest, Notis Stamos
It’s pretty steep too!

There is a road in the countryside south east of Munich that is completely unremarkable for 99% of its length. It is flat, it runs through a couple of villages, it splits fields. And then in just one spot, for just a few hundred meters it transforms into this (see photo). A joy to drive/cycle/run along in all seasons.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018


  1. And 99%? So cool! 1% has a carefree spirit inspite of the coldness. Hahha! What can honestly do with the cold? Accept it and play, it seems to say with the curves n road contour🎡🎡🎡thanks for sharing!

    1. Hello Francine. If you mean the coloured version of this photo, this is a colour photo, albeit with the saturation toned down a bit. The original didn’t have a lot of colour on it in any case. Some more brown, some more green and that was it.

  2. Thanks so much for liking my post “And so it goes.” I’ve been out of touch for awhile as my father was ill and has since passed, but I’m moving forward. Your photography is lovely.

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