Waiting for our tree to grow

Fungi, Mushrooms, Forest, Notis Stamos
I may go back to retake it on a rainy day.

These little mushrooms are in a small forest, just two – three hundred meters from my office. I photographed them one afternoon right after work. Unfortunately I was still in a suit, so I could not kneel to check the focus and they ended up less than “tack sharp”.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018


  1. Hahahh!!! You are so cute explaining urself! Shows ur perfectionist side.

    It is beautiful the way sunlight hugs the side. I think sunlight is more the focus here than the mushroom. Hahah

    I am interested to see ur out/of-suit version Hahha! A different point of view might also be gorgeous. But i like the colors! So brilliant, even if they are minimal actually. Like the colors are secrets. Like u might miss them if u dont look close enough🌸

    Btw, thanks for reading my entries. Im training myself, more tahn anything. But i dont know if im getting boring already. So, thanks for hanging around! 🍃

    1. Elize you’ve got me figured out all wrong😒. I am anything but a perfectionist. On the other hand, I have a reputation to uphold (lol) and that’s not going to happen by delivering out of focus photos with no explanation, will it?

      Also, in the spirit of full disclosure, the “sunlight” was actually created by a strategically placed light torch.

      My out/of-suit version seems to be highly anticipated (lol again) so I will probably have to go back. A different point of view would spoil the photo I am afraid. This was the only angle that made the mushrooms look like they were under the little tree. In reality they weren’t even near it. See, full disclosure!

      Regarding reading your entries, no thanks is required. I enjoy reading them when I find the title interesting and because you intrigue me in general, but I have to admit that for someone as busy as I am, reading something that long is often a challenge. But that’s beside the point. You keep writing and I will cope 😀.

      1. Wow!!! That was a long one, coming from you! Hhaha. Ok, you’re not a perfectionist (not convinced. Lol) and that’s ok, great even! 😎 i get the out-of-suit shots. Sometimes u wish u could fly or go under the ground to take a shot, or be weightless in water! I love taking photos. Right now, i enjoy taking portrait shots of friends where their character and essence come through! I wish to be patient enough for the f-stops n stuffs! They delay me! Hahah

        U speak excellent English, coming from Germany. Ich weiss das. But i was there, no one spoke English! But that was a long time ago.

        Wow! Thanks for the support. I wish to shorten. But My entries are heavy and can be provocative sometimes, i have to pace readers, warm up and then cool them down too, after the meaty angus beef. Haha It’s also a different perspective. I am aware it can be heavy so, i admire the patience (and the stomach) of loyal readers. So thanks!

        Du bist schoen, Notis! U r fascinating! Oh, Just take it and enjoy your day! 👍🏽

      2. Thanks Elize! Not many Germans speak good English, but to be fair, some do. I am not German though, I just live here. And I benefitted from a mom who is an English teacher and from 8 years of my life in the UK.
        Regarding your portrait photos, don’t worry too much about f-stops☺. If you can, set your camera to something near f8, make sure the eyes are sharp every time and forget everything else about settings. Looking forward to seeing one of them in a future post of yours!

      3. wow! thanks for the encouragement! hahah! im just glad phone cameras now do more lighting and colors! phew! hahahah

        Oh! that’s why! hahha

      4. Yes. Kodak has sadly folded😞 its folding truly defined a generation, didnt it?

        Hey, cool english teacher mom! I bet u know quite heavy grammar rules! Hahah! Lucky u! 🤣🤣🤣

      5. Things change. Digital replaced film, which replaced plates… life goes on.

        No, no knowledge of grammar rules whatsoever, learned too young and was too undisciplined to study rules 😈.

    1. I wish it was Bernice, but it isn’t 😢😀. If you zoom on the mushrooms you will see how fuzzy they are. Anyway, hopefully the next one will be better. Thanks for visiting!

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