Howling wind

Howling wind, blowing, Notis Stamos
I couldn’t use all of the frames I took, because the wind was moving the camera (on the tripod).

OK, I admit it, this is not the photo composition of the year, but I had to photograph that wind and snow sweeping over the frozen lake. I created a cinemagraph from a succession of photos I took.

ยฉ Epameinondas Stamos 2017



  1. So this isnโ€™t like a โ€œLiveโ€ photo from an iPhone where it records a few seconds of live action of an otherwise typical still photo. (I once took a whole series of these by mistake and cursed as I tried to turn them into regular photos for printing.)

    1. It is a similar principle. Usually cinemagraphs are a looping video clip. The iPhone records half a second of video but it isn’t looping. This one happens to be a series of stills but the principle is the same. The trick is to try and make it so that the end of the clip is indistinguishable from the beginning (not particularly successful in that here).

      1. And you strung together a series of photos or was this a recorded process? Iโ€™ve never heard of this before and I appreciate the information.

      2. In this case I created this from a series of photos which I had taken at high speed continuous mode. Other times I just record a 30 sec video and then select the few seconds I want to loop.

      3. OK, there is a bit more to it than that but if you search for Photoshop and cinemagraph in youtube, there are plenty of videos which show how it’s done.

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