Reeds swaying in the wind

Wind, Swaying, Notis Stamos
It took some trial and error to get the amount of motion I wanted, somewhere between freeze and complete blur.

A few weeks ago I was coming home from a hike and while driving by a lake I noticed these reeds being pushed around by the wind, which was very strong at the time. The motion and the colors drew my eye and I stopped for a photo.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018



    1. Thank you Magny! That’s exactly what I like in this photo too. I have to admit though that the color has been manipulated a bit for separation of the three main colors in the photo.

  1. Like the shot with the movement in the reeds. I would have cut the dark green foliage along the bottom and had a tighter shot with the heads and yellow foliage giving move impact. Just my take, still a nice image.

    1. Thank you for your feedback George, I really appreciate it. What I actually like in this photo is the color mix of green, yellow and the other one which I can’t specify exactly. It would have been better maybe if the green was not concentrated in the lower third. I will try your suggestion though and see what comes out.

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