The low hanging leaves

Autumn, leaves, Trees, Notis Stamos
Decided to go for a high contrast, slightly high key look during post processing.

I shot this just yesterday morning during a not particularly productive (from a photography point of view) walk up from Schliersee towards Bodenstein. I was expecting sunshine but it was overcast the whole morning. So I didn’t get the sunrise photo I was aiming for, but as the saying goes “the hunter’s and the fisherman’s plate is nine times empty and only ones full”. I find this applies perfectly to photography too.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018


    1. Thank you! I am not surprised you had never heard the saying before, you probably have enough game and fish there that fishermen and hunters never came back empty handed in the past, hence no saying ☺.

      1. I am a collector of quotes and have never heard it before, so I wrote it down and added it to my collection. And no, it is perhaps because I am not a hunter or fisherman that I have never heard it before

      2. OK then, since you are a collector, here is the original (it rhymes): “Του κυνηγού και του ψαρά το πιάτο εννιά φορές ειν’ αδειανό και μια φορά γεμάτο.”

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