The crying tree

Partnachklamm, Notis Stamos, Canyon, Waterfall
This one also taken on that especially beautiful day in Partnachklamm.

This is one of my one of my favorites since I shot it and processed it, which was two years ago. Somehow it escaped posting until now.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2016


    1. You are welcome Christy. Your post is very uplifting! My day had its ups and downs but we should be thankful for the ups at least. I am happy you like the photo. Thanks for visiting!

      1. Ah! I deleted that one because my ex found it and started sending me nasty texts about it. I started in its place and promptly forgot about it until today! I need accountability for what I’m up to and I still want to reach out and connect with nice people like you so I made a post today 🙂

  1. OK I found the right one. You should probably check your settings so that your avatar is linked to your new blog. Happy to meet you (virtually) but you shouldn’t assume that every one that can take a passable photo is a nice person 😊. Good luck with your plan. I will check back on your progress!

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