The never ending ladder 2

This one is also much closer to the actual light conditions.

This is the second photo from the ladder in front of the KPMG building in Munich. This one showing a lot more depth, compared to the previous one, which was almost completely 2D.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2017



  1. very very nice! it looks majestic and far-reaching! ongrats! if a bride walks down, the groom would take in her beauty, he would probably want to just run off for the honeymoon!

      1. Hahahha! Well, thanks for sharing! Glad to see great images! U really are good! Hope u make a calendar? Tarot cards, maybe. Or postcards???

    1. Really in love? Maybe yes, that can be a little strange ☺. Art’s, and I suppose photography is some kind of art, purpose I think is to invoke some feelings. If they are strong positive feelings, all the better.

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