Meteora, River, Dawn, Notis Stamos
Meteora are the rock formations in the distance.

Taken just before a beautiful dawn, this is a photo of the Pineios river with Meteora in the background. I was drawn to this composition by the vertical symmetry above and below the river.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2018


  1. love it! the diagonal lines is upsettingly delicious! and the graduation of colors, yummy! the colors by the way are also not so dated. i wonder why? does nature go along with modern trends? hahhah! amazing!

    1. Thank you Elize! It’s great that you like it. Regarding the color, the photo is tone mapped, i.e. it has a color cast on top of the original, in this case brown. Just makes it that little bit more dramatic.

      1. oh! that’s why. I am not a technical, let’s just say, image-grabber. but i love the arts, esp photography.
        I do sense some sadness in your works. It may not even be for the drama. your perspectives are almost always sneaky, more than bold or straightforward. they may be impressive and captivating because of it too. anyway, just saying.
        the spiral staircase is one where you seem to step out of yourself just a little. hahah! but maybe i’m the one who wants the drama! hahahhadon’t mind this too much!

      2. I think you are over-thinking this :-). I just like beautiful scenes and I imitate other great artists in post processing. Sometimes I just get lucky. Landscape photography is above all location and timing. If you are at the right place at the right time, you could give the camera to a monkey, and you would still have a descent chance of getting a fairly good photo. That is why my blog is called click to art. I just press the button … nature does the rest.

      3. hahah! timing n location, yes, like ansel adams! maybe i am overthinking! in the end, you press the button, you select the point-of-view, your frame it, you compose it, IT”S STILL about you! 🙂 anyway, don’t take me seriously! again, you are very very good at it! your decisions are tasteful!

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