15 minutes to sunset

Smokovo, Lake, Sunset, Notis Stamos
Two merged exposures and Orton effect on the top half.

I drove past this lake last Christmas on one of those rare occasions that it was snowed over. Two days later, as I managed to go back for a few shots, the snow was almost all gone and I ended up photographing knee deep in mud.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2017


  1. i think this is my fave of all! wow! the compliment of blue to orange is a punch! the overture of the hills is lovely! and the upset of the twigs renders selfishness to the very generous background! hahah! you broke what is so fixed and stable with the twigs and so that built excitement!

    can I borrow? ahhahaha! i think you should put your signature!

    1. Every one of my photographs is my new favorite, until I shoot the next one. Well … almost. Some are lingering a bit longer than others. Of course you may borrow if you like. They are all signed (usually) at the bottom left.

      1. yes! and it’s great when you just jump favorites! it means you are fully-present! you move on! great attitude! anyway, i’ll check out your earlier post sometime and grab them! hhahahha! of course not! i’ll let you know!

      1. hey, read it! it’s soooooo nice!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE INSPIRATION! (my equipment isnt working so i am just recycling my pics).
        You looked so good there! hahahah!

      2. OK, read it. I didn’t quite see the connection with my photo (definitely did not intend to hold anything back :-)) … but if it inspired you I am happy!

      3. thanks! i don’t think it’s your conscious decision, Notis. it’s just the way you framed it. hahahh! it’s great, with or without my explanation. just accept that you do ROCK! 🙂

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