Meteora, Greece, Notis Stamos
Right after I shot this, a sheep dog bit and punctured my car tire!

I shot this photo, drawn by the mountain layers in the background, as well as the snow capped peaks. The rock formation, although not so close as to be a legitimate foreground, adds another layer to the image.

© 2017 Epameinondas Stamos


    1. Thanks! I did have a spare. Photographing the dog was out of the question. He had friends with him! I was watching from within the safety of the car.☺ And it was too fast anyway. It only took one bite.

    1. Indeed! The photograph was taken at Meteora, Greece. You can see more photos of the area in an older post from January 2014 called Suspended in the air. Thanks for visiting!

  1. Maybe the dog biting your tire was a sign that you have many adventures ahead of you. Some of them maybe unexpected and unusual, but no harm will come to you. Either that or that dog wasn’t getting enough rubber in his diet. Just love your pictures. You truly have a great gift. Thanks for sharing them. 🙂

    1. Thank you for your kind words! I am not sure about the adventure though ☺. My life is very ordinary, office, home, family … no room for adventure. Would be nice though.

      1. At Christmas time 2015, my family and I were putting together a puzzle, which is a family tradition. The puzzle was supposed to be of many colorful birds around a log. The actual puzzle ended up being a beautiful mountain scene instead. I joked with my family about this being a sign of 2016 being a year of many surprises and crazy moments. 2016 was exactly that. It was the craziest year I have experienced every. Luckily this year, the puzzle we put together was the same as the picture on the box, which I hope means that this year will be much calmer and more pleasant than last year.

    1. I did not. I would like to be able to take the high ground and say that I didn’t beat the dog because I am against that in principle. But the truth is that I was outnumbered. You see, he had friends with him and I was alone. So I chose the prudent action of inaction, i.e. stay in the car, turn the car around and leave. 😁

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