Looking up

Gorge, Sky, Trees, Cliffs, Notis Stamos

It was raining when I shot this, but I was lucky as only two rain drops landed on the lens.

Tonight, for the last post of the year, I am posting what is my favorite shot for 2016 and arguably my favorite shot period. The photo was taken in Partnachklamm, a gorge in south Germany. This was one of the few places where I could place the camera far enough from the rocks above me, so that I could see the trees on both sides of the gorge silhouetted against the sky. One characteristic of the photo is that it has no orientation. I was “seeing” it as a photo in portrait orientation when I took it, then processed in landscape orientation but with the other side up and finally a few days later decided that I liked this orientation best.

To all of you, a happy and healthy 2017!

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