Face off

Flowers, Macro, NotisStamos
I should work a bit on my botanical knowledge, because I have no clue what flowers these are.

I recently set up a small portable photo studio in my living room, with the purpose of photographing flowers and other small things. I have several ideas and testing them should fill several long, cold winter nights. The studio is still a project under development and improving the set up is almost as much fun as taking the photographs.

© 2016 Epameinondas Stamos


    1. Thanks for the info! The color has been tampered with. The left one was orange. I decreased the saturation of the yellow and ended up with this color. The purple is closer to the original color.

      1. Notis, i am so happy you stopped by today. It led me to your beautiful works of art. I will eventually see them all. I’ve noticed quite a difference from your first lovely photos in 2013, to a more selective composition in the November, 2016 photos. I love both.

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