Soap lenses

Photography, Bubbles, Lens, Soap, Flowers, Notis Stamos
The focusing effect in the bubbles was created later in photoshop.

When my daughter started playing with bubbles, I thought it would be nice to combine them with flowers in a photo. I gathered the equipment and headed for the hills, literally, and this is one of the resulting shots.

© 2015 Epameinondas Stamos


  1. Nice shot! I have an idea to try when it becomes really cold. I want to blow bubbles in minus 40°C in the sun with snow as background….. idea I’ve had for such a long time and this reminded me of it again.

      1. With bubbles I’m not sure, that’s why I really wanna try! But at that temperature you can through hot water inot the air and will freeze before it hits the ground 😆. And batteries on camera die in no time plus you have to be careful with the lens. You can’t take your gloves off either to handle the camera so it has to be a short photoshoot.

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