A rainy autumn morning

Autumn, leaves, Red, Notis Stamos, River, Rain
Tranquil morning walk under the rain

This shot was taken a year ago this month, during a morning walk by the river in an area called Grunwald. It is considered one of the nicest areas of Munich and for good reasons. I used the Orton effect during post processing and had to spend some time bringing out as much detail as possible in the sky. The red tree on the right, which was the one that drew my attention in the first place, actually looked like that and I didn’t have to do anything to enhance its colors.

© 2016 Epameinondas Stamos


  1. This is a truly stunning shot. I clicked through a number of your photos and you are quite talented. You have great attention to detail and an eye for depth perception. Kudos on such a varied and artistic portfolio!

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