A new day

Her little body is burning with fever. Her breath is shallow and laboured. She twists and turns and sobs in her sleep. We sit by her cot and count the long hours of the night thinking, hoping, wishing that the medication will finally bring the fever down. Every now and then she wakes up and seeks consolation in our arms. We give it to her with all of our love, but we know that she needs more than our love to get better. We fight to feed her some water. Every spoonful is a small victory. The hours go by and the first light rays come through the shutters. With them, some signs that the fever is subsiding, the first good signs in three days.

Notis Stamos, Dawn, Sunrise, B&W

Soon she opens her eyes and accepts some milk. This is cause for celebration! This is Christmas come two days late! A new day is coming and with it colour and hope come back from where ever they were hiding these last three days.

Dawn, Sunrise, Notis Stamos, Bayern

A new day is coming …


P.S. I had other plans for this post and this photo but this is what I feel like sharing at the moment. It’s been a hard week but now we are all set to celebrate the coming of the new year. Happy 2015 to everyone, full of happiness and above all good health!


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos

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