Agony with La Défense

This is getting embarrassing!

It’s been several weeks since I went out one night after work and photographed La Défense. The photos have been processed and are ready for publication; I have done as much background research as was possible in the time available to me; unfortunately I can’t think of anything interesting to write in this post. This is of course a photography blog and the photos should speak for themselves. But I would prefer to write a decent story to go with the photos. So here I sit, in front of the screen, fingers on the keyboard, waiting for inspiration …

Hmmm what should I write about … what should I write …

Aha! I will write about the history and development of La Défense! So, here goes:

“La Défense is the business district of Paris, founded in 1958, named so after the statue La Défense de Paris, which was erected in 1883 to commemorate the soldiers who had defended Paris during the Franco-Prussian war (Wikipedia). The first generation of buildings, an exemplar of which you see in the following photo:”

La Defence, NOtis Stamos, Paris, Architecture, Night photography
Actually this is the EDF tower, a third, not first, generation building.

… mmmm … No. This has all been written in great detail in many, many other web sites and just copying wikipedia does not constitute writing a blog post.

AHA!! I will write about technique. Instructions always get a lot of clicks. Right, here I go:

An idiot’s guide to photographing buildings

mmmm no, strike idiot’s

A beginner’s guide to photographing buildings

mmmm … at night. OK, title found:

A beginner’s guide to photographing buildings at night

La Defence, Night, Architecture, Notis Stamos
I missed a whole building on the right plus a lot of water after cropping due to perspective correction.

“When you are photographing buildings from ground level, make sure you leave a lot of empty space on the right, left, top and bottom of the building(s) you are aiming at, otherwise it/they will get cropped when you correct the perspective.”

The end!

Hmmm, somehow, I don’t see this getting a lot of likes. As far as guides go, this is rather short. A Chinese with a sharp pin would inscribe my whole guide on a grain of rice. Now, that would definitely be worth some likes.

All right, change of plans … I will write something thoughtful in relation to the 3 alternating periods of growth and stagnation that La Défense went through! Maybe I can even find some hidden relation between the three periods and this photo of lines that doesn’t seem to fit to anything else.

La Defence, Architecture, Paris, Notis Stamos.
Hidden meaning coming up shortly …

Something … thoughtful… hmmmm

… (3 hours later …)

It’s a good thing I am not a writer, otherwise I should start worrying about writer’s block right about now.

I should probably come up with a different approach to this post, as thoughtful doesn’t seem to work at the moment.

BLINK!!! I got it!

As I roam La Défense, my eyes wonder to those that share La Défense with me. …

Hang on, I already wrote about the strangers in my previous post about Paris! Hmmm, maybe I can write something similar. Not that many people read that post anyway. No no no, I will not repeat myself. Not so soon anyway. Maybe in a year if I am really out of inspiration.

Wait a second. I have already masterfully blended into the text three out of the four photos I wanted to present in this post. I just need to find some way to put in the  fourth one …

Hmmmm some way … some … way … (scratching beard)

… (another 3 hours later …)

Fuck it, I will just dump it right here!

La Defence, Notis Stamos, Paris, Architecture
I have no clue which one the building on the left is. The one on the right is the Cœur Défense built in 2001.

OK, done! Enjoy the wonderful photos, the masterful writing and above all don’t forget to Like and Follow, because I DESERVE it after all this effort to get these 667 words on paper (so to speak).


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos

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