Steinsee and Pullenhofen

lf you don’t like getting out of bed early but do want to take dawn photos, then there is no time like September and Oktober. They day is getting shorter, it dawns later and later every morning and it is not too cold. You can wake up at six, even six thirty and still be on location for the sunrise without freezing your ass off in the process.

So it was that on a Sunday morning not too long ago I got in my car and went searching for a nice location for photography.

After two failed attempts on both sides of a small lake called Steinsee (one involved trekking up a hill (a small hill), the other almost falling into the watter), I drove on and discovered Pullenhofen. Pullenhofen is a village with about ten houses strategically situated on top another small hill with a view to the alps.

Panorama, Dawn, Alps, Bayern, Notis Stamos
Part of a wider panorama, cropped short due to overexposed sky.

The sun was coming up by then and my window of opportunity for some photography was closing, so I left the car and took to the fields. I used a zoom lens, partly to make the Alps more prominent and partly to exclude from the frame the foreground which was spoiled by some electricity wires. The view went forever and I tried some panorama shots, trying to do it justice. The early morning fog was spectacular although the sky was featureless. In addition, I didn’t pay enough attention to the lighting and ended up overexposing it.

Bayern, Dawn, Fog, Notis Stamos, Alps
This must be Moosach or part of it but I am not certain.

I expected to have the sun in front of me this time of the year, but the sun was to my left and back so there must have been something wrong with my orientation. Before leaving, I vouched to come back and explore the area again.

Bayern, Notis Stamos, Dawn, Fog, Alps
Autumn dawn near the alps.

Just as I got back in the car, I noticed deer at the other side of the road. They were kept in an enclosed area and seemed to be comfortable around people, hence providing an answer to the mystery of where all the wild deer meat in the restaurants comes from.

After a few unremarkable shots of the deer I got back in the car and headed home, feeling content from a morning well spent; a nice early walk, a couple of nice photos on the SSD card and, most importantly, the deer availability at local restaurants mystery solved once and for all!


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos


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