Missed opportunity?

Last Sunday evening I drove to a small lake near Munich called Kirchsee. The objective was to photograph the lake with the Alps and the sunset in the background. Typically I miscalculated and ended up on the west side of the lake, so when I set up, the sun was behind me. I didn’t mind much as the sky was pretty cloudy and so there was no sun anyway.

My choices of a photograph came down to two, a pier and a tree in the water. The pier was occupied by a young couple and not wanting to bother them I focused on the tree. I started with an idea for a combination of a macro and a wide shot and that’s why I set up right over the tree trunk. In the end this idea didn’t materialize and after 2-3 trials I ended up with this shot.

Kirchsee, Lake, Bayern, Notis Stamos, B&W
Faulty, I think, but moody. For some reason I can’t get my eyes of it.

At home I converted the shot to an underexposed black and white, which I ended up liking very much, although in retrospect I think the shot is not optimal. I keep thinking that the shot would have been better if I had taken it from a meter or so higher up so that the end of the tree trunk doesn’t cut the water’s edge and from a couple of meters to the right so that the length of the tree trunc can be seen (which was wonderful by the way).

I love the sky and the overall mood in this shot and I am wondering if the other option would be better or not. So I have decided to go back at the first opportunity when the conditions will be similar and try out the alternative angle. When I do make it, I will post the new shot and compare.


 © 2014 Epameinondas Stamos


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