Everybody likes photos with converging lines. Some time ago, during a short nightly photographic excursion in the centre of Munich, I had the opportunity to photograph the marble pillars at the entrance of the Munich Glyptotech.

Glyptotech, Munich, Pillars, Notis Stamos
Converging lines and symmetry do the trick.

I took a series of photos placing the camera at the center of the row of pillars looking straight up. In fact, as you can see through the slight skew in the photograph, the camera wasn’t looking really straight up, but that wasn’t possible without me lying flat on the floor. My commitment to photography hasn’t reached these levels yet, so you only get to see slightly skewed photos. I was using a wide angle lens, which as I found out that night is extremely sensitive and prone to exaggerate even the smallest misalignment.

The next photo is very similar, taken from the same location, only with an even wider zoom setting (11mm instead of 16mm).

Pillars, Glyptotech, Munich, Notis Stamos
Pillars at the entrance of the Munich Glyptotech.

Obviously some processing has been done to these photos, with the partial B&W for the first one and the blue tone for the second one. The most important change though is that both photos just had sky (black) above the central line of lights as that was were the ceiling ended. I have duplicated, flipped and blended the original layer to fill up the images and create the vertical symmetry.


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos


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