PABUCA – Theme Windows of Munich

I recently read in another blog about a very exciting initiative and photographic project called PABUCA. The objective is to convey the soul of your city by showing three photos of your choice for a given theme. There is a new theme almost every week, but one can post photos relative to older themes, which is what I am doing today.

So I am starting with windows, which was the first PABUCA theme. This first photo is from office windows. In this case there are no walls, just windows, giving a full view of the office interior. I often pass in front of this building at night and can’t help but wonder what stories might be unfolding in there, while passersby have a full view but don’t really see. In any case, Munich has such a strong economy with so many international companies having their headquarters here, I thought office windows couldn’t be missing from this short collection.

Business, windows, office, Notis Stamos
They all look the same from the outside.

The second photo is also representing commerce and consumerism (of which there is a lot in Munich). It is the photo of a shop window. Actually, the biggest shop window that I know off. The central Daimler Benz dealership in Munich also has some controversy associated with it as far as I have heard, because when it was built the rotating sign that was planned for the roof was against city regulations. Somehow they managed to put it up there though, right under the nose of the nearby BMW headquarters. Just to give a sense of scale, these are real cars and this photo only shows about 40% of the total building face.

Daimler Benz, Mercedes, Munich, Window, Cars, Notis Stamos
Like toy cars on a display window. Just bigger …

Munich is not just a modern city though. It is a city with a long history and lots of buildings to certify that. So for my last photo I have chosen a frontal view of the wonderful windows of the central pavilion in Nymphenburg Palace.

Nymphenburg palace, windows, Munich, Notis Stamos
Nymphenburg palace windows. Lots of them …

The Nymphenburg palace is a baroque style palace commissioned in 1664 by Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy to the designs of the Italian architect Agostino Barelli (info from Wikipedia). The central pavilion was completed in 1675. The palace stands around 10 Km from the center of Munich and at that time the distance would be covered on foot in around two hours. So the palace was meant to be the holiday resort of the Bavarian rulers.

So this is it from me for the windows in Munich, next up Architecture in hopefully not a very long time. Till then, hope you like them.


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos



  1. Great respect for this entry to Pabuca! All pictures together show the wide range of munich. Tradition, business, prosperity, commerce, bigness. The selection is connected by an own style of front views. All pictures are technical nearly perfect. Light, lines, profiles.
    I can’t emphasize one (perhaps the car shop with its borderless window, underlined by the long format). They work together. Thank you, that you join PABUCA!

    1. Hallo Soni und vielen Dank. Ich habe auch deine Beiträge für PABUCA gesehen (Windows, Architecture und Traffic) und sie sind alle super, die Architecture Bilder gefallen mir aber besonders.

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