High key – Low key

This will be a short post. The photos are beautiful, but I don’t have much to say about them. I took them both some time ago in a park nearby. They were taken at the same time, they show the same landscape from a slightly different angle. I later decided to process one of them for a high key look and the other for a B&W low key look. So here they are, the low key first:

Apollo's temple, Park Nymphenburg, Notis Stamos, B&W
Lake reflections in the rain.

The photo is of Apollo’s temple in Nymphenburg park in Munich. For a closer look, keep a lookout for my next post or the one after that. As I wrote earlier, I toned this one down and converted to B&W. I liked the yellow trees too much to also convert to B&W, so I left them their color. The objective of the composition here was to frame the temple and obscure the featureless sky with the branches at the upper half of the photo. If I remember correctly, clarity is turned way down here.

The next one was taken just a couple of steps to the right from this location.

Apollo's temple, Nymphenburg Park, Munich, NOtis Stamos, High key
This is not real frost.

I moved here so as to place the temple off center. I increased exposure until I got this frosty look. Clarity is way up here, which is what made the tree trunks in the distance stand out. Some weeks after I shot these I saw another photo of the same place taken from a friend. That one is taken from a few meters further back and it includes in the frame the tree I was standing under when making these photos. I have to admit, that one is better, which means I have to go back at some point and re-shoot.

The temple’s style is called “Monopteros”, meaning in Greek “single wing” and is distinctive because it has a single circular row of columns, supporting a roof without any walls. This style was popular for the decoration of French and English gardens (according to Wikipedia).

Before I left the location, I noticed the strong reflections of the tree branches in the water and decided to be “artistic”. This is the result:

Reflection, trees, rocks, Nymphenburg, NOtis Stamos
Looks like the trees are growing on the rocks.

The circular polarizer here was instrumental into making the reflection this strong. This shot might be better with a sky less featureless.

So this is it, not much else to write today. One location, three shots, hope you like them.


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos



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