The right kind of bright

The right kind of bright and crystal clear day is the winter bright and crystal clear day. Summer days are bright as well but they are not as clear as those rare sunny winter days, where the cold air is so clear and you can see forever. These cherished days it is a sin to be a photographer and not to make any photos. So it was that a few weeks ago, on such a sunny Saturday morning I headed out for a quick “get out, shoot and get in” photographic expedition. I didn’t have to go far from home. A few kilometers away I found the perfect location. Open fields, some trees in the distance, nice colors and of course endless blue sky.

Winter, clear day, Notis Stamos
As far as the eye can see.

I was drawn to this location by the gentle hills and the varying fields’ colors, green, white and yellow, as well as the line of trees in the distance. For the shot above I couldn’t decide whether I should place the horizon on the lower or on the upper third of the frame. In the end I shot both versions and I decided to show here the version with the two thirds sky. The other version is equally nice though. This clear blue sky is also very good for showing every single dust particle one has on his camera sensor. I had to clear at least 10 spots in Photoshop, which is a lot considering that the camera is relatively new and the lens was on that day spanking new.

Sun star, trees, winter, snow , Notis Stamos
The sun was slowly rising from behind the trees.

I took this shot mainly to try the sun star of the new lens. I would have preferred it if the road wasn’t there but one can’t have everything. On the other hand, I didn’t have to walk far to make the photos. The car was parked right there.

Winter, brilliant day, Notis Stamos
Sun head on and leading lines.

This one I took to take advantage of the lines leading the eye to the horizon. It is an HDR blend of five exposures. In this case I didn’t want to have a sun star so the aperture was open.

This type of brilliant winter day is not something out of the ordinary in the south of Europe. Indeed some friends in Greece reading this may wonder what all the fuss is about. However, for us here in Germany, a day like this in the heart of winter is a rare pleasure. So to all the readers in the north, I hope you like these and lets hope spring isn’t too far away.


© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos


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