Bright & dark

I seem to be into high key and night photos lately and recently I had the opportunity to make one of each in one go. I went for a walk in a park and of course took my camera with me. The park had a lake with some swans and unless one already has hundreds of swan photos, it is difficult to resist photographing them. These swans were particularly friendly so I decided to go for a very close shot with the macro lens. After several tries (it was hard to focus fast enough because they were moving all of the time) I got one that I really like:

Swan, Notis Stamos, Macro
Curious about this big round thing pointing at him (her?).

I like this one because the swan really looks like it is looking at the lens. The drops of water on its plumage are the cherry on the cake. The swan is already (almost) white but going for a high key shot, I increased exposure during post processing and desaturated part of the photo to make the plumage completely white.

Further down I came upon a small creek. It was its winding, s-shaped path through the forest that drew me as it reminded me of an old photograph of a winding path on a square shot at night. Unfortunately I don’t remember where I had seen the photo to reference it here. Anyway, I photographed the creek aiming to convert it into a night shot. Here is the original:

Creek, trees, Notis Stamos
The creek as shot with no processing (conversion to jpg only).

and here is the final shot:

Moonlight, reflection, creek, Notis Stamos
Creek under the (simulated) moonlight.

This was the first time I tried to convert a day shot into a night shot and I can say I am quite pleased with the result (for my standards). In addition to the conversion, I have strengthened the shadows and the silver reflection on the water going for a moonlight and tree shadows look. Hope you like them.

© 2014 Epameinondas Stamos


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