Attempts at art with a car, a phone and a baby

In today’s extraordinarily beautiful and useful post, I am offering a bonanza for my faithful readers (all 8 of you)!

I am going to describe how you can create wonderful fine art images of your car’s interior in 6 simple steps.

In no more than 30 minutes of your time!

Car, instrument panel, Notis Stamos

An instruments panel in strong sepia tones.

Before you start, you need to have:

1 Car (any make, color, age and size will do)

1 Parking lot

1 Supermarket or other shop

1 Baby (preferably your own, otherwise you may get in trouble)

1 Wife (anyone’s wife will do really, just don’t blame me if you get caught)

1 Phone with camera or any other small camera

1/2 an hour

Car, fine art, notis stamos

Looks really long from here.


  1. Unlock your car and get in (the wife must get in too). Make sure the baby is safely strapped in.
  2. Drive aimlessly around until the baby sleeps. After 3 hours of driving (the baby will still be awake), drive to your selected shopping destination (supermarket or any other shop). Typically, the baby will fall asleep right as you are entering the supermarket’s parking lot.
  3. Park the car and send the wife to do the shopping. Obviously the wife’s role is not just to do the shopping, she is also the source of your wonderful inspiration (Yes, The Wife IS standing right over my shoulder sensor-reading this). You now have anything from 15 minutes to 11 hours (depending on type of wife and shop closing time) to photograph your car.
  4. Make sure baby is still asleep. If not, forget about fine art, take baby and join the wife in the supermarket.
  5. Take out your phone and start photographing your car from strange, awkward angles, not usually seen, until the wife comes back (not often the case) or the phone battery runs out or the phone memory fills up (most probable scenario). Avoid car advertisement type pictures at all costs.
  6. When the wife returns, drive back home.
  7. Optional: At home process your photos to any look you like.
Car, fine art, Rewe, Notis Stamos

The tower.

That’s it! You now have an assortment of fine art images of your car’s interior, as well as a full fridge. Admittedly the whole process from step 1 to step 7 may take anything from 1 to 12 hours but the the photographing part in this (step 5) shouldn’t take longer than 15-20 minutes.  Post processing is obviously optional, based on taste and quality of phone camera.

Car mirror, Notis Stamos

Ant’s view looking up.

On a more serious note, we actually did go to the super market and I had to stay with the sleeping Baby in the car while the Wife popped in to get a few things. To pass the time I got my phone out and took the first photograph, which I liked a lot more than I expected. I then got the idea to try to photograph the car from angles one doesn’t usually see and I took several photos. I liked some of them enough to spend the time to turn them into B&W and to post them here.

The first one ended up as the new wallpaper on my phone. Hope you like them too.

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