Green development

The “garbage mountain” in Fröttmaning in north Munich used to be a stinking, festering, poisonous mountain of, well …, garbage in the 60’s.

Opened in the early 50’s as a garbage disposal landfill, it soon grew to mountainous proportions becoming a major source of atmospheric and underground water pollution for north Munich.

Finally, in the 70’s and 80’s it was closed down as a landfill, sealed from all sides with concrete and converted into an iconic hill.

Wind turbine Fröttmaning, Notis Stamos, Munich

Wind turbine Fröttmaning.

The wind turbine on top of it was built in 1999 and has since become a landmark of north Munich and of the northern city entrance (the A9 Motorway leading into Munich passes right next to it). This hill with the turbine is now a symbol of environmental consciousness and green development for Munich and one of the prime locations for enjoying a walk and a wonderful view of the city with the Alps in the background.

Wind turbine, Munich, Fröttmaning, Notis Stamos

Dominating over the trees, yet so eerie.

Many people say that wind turbines spoil the scenery. This may be true in some cases, although such a thing can only be subjectively judged and it is a matter of taste. In this case I think it does not. It looks like it belongs there, up in the air. And it provides energy for 100 Munich households.

I ‘ve recently read that there are plans to build a second, twice as high turbine within the next two years. Now that will be a sight to see.

Munich, Power plant, Heizkraftwerk Nord, München, Notis Stamos

North Munich power plant.

The wind turbine is not the only thing providing Munich with energy. The north Munich power plant is burning primarily residual waste, but also coal and is providing the whole of north Munich with heating and warm water. 650 thousand tones of waste are burned there every year.

The plant with the long chimneys has the archetypal factory figure and it contrasts greatly with the mountains in the distance. Although normally a power plant would not be considered scenic, I can tell you it is well worth sitting on that bench and enjoying the view.

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