The digger

I haven’t had time to write a post the last days due to various other obligations. But I have photographed quite a lot during the past few weeks and I am still processing some of my new photos. They are taking time to get ready, but in the end I will have plenty of material to post. For today, a very short post about a digger I photographed while on a short photography excursion with a friend.

Digger, Bagger, Notis Stamos
The long arm of EX215.

Our original intention was to go into the woods and find some close ups to photograph with our macro lenses. But on the way there we passed next to the digger and got hooked. We did go into the woods, but our minds were on the digger and we didn’t find anything interesting to photograph. So 45 minutes later, just before sunset we went back and focused on the digger, to the enormous amusement and bewilderment of the passersby who were wondering what in the hell was so interesting about this piece of equipment. Some of them even stopped to ask! We didn’t expect the simple folk to have an understanding of our “higher artistic inspiration”, so we didn’t mind the questions and explained to them that the digger was in fact very photogenic. I don’t think we convinced anybody because most of them continued on smiling. It goes without saying that The Wife agreed with the passersby after seeing the photos at home. Anyway … The photo above is one of the last ones I took because I liked that the sunset was just under the digger’s arm. It is a blending of five exposures, processed for a more dramatic if not 100% realistic look.

Initially I focused on photographing the digger from the front, with the end of its arm as foreground. Here is one of the shots:

Digger, Bagger, EX215, Notis Stamos
EX215 has definitely seen some use recently.

This shot has been heavily cropped from the left side (about 25% of the photo is gone). The original didn’t feel balanced somehow. It is also a blend of 5 exposures, tonemapped twice, once for the foreground and sky and once for the main part of the digger. To make the photo easier on the eye, I have decreased the saturation of all colors other than red and yellow.

So this is it for now. The Wife has ordered that I finish painting the Baby’s room before I write any more posts, so don’t expect much in the next few days. Until the next time … hope you liked them.

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This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

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