Dark themed

2013 has been a good year for me. First and foremost, The Baby was born. But this blog is about photography. 2013 has been a good year because it has reignited my passion for photography. I have started this blog, which I hope to be able to regularly update for some time to come. Most importantly, I have had the opportunity to pass many wonderful hours outdoors, photographing beautiful landscapes, intriguing scenes, inspiring locations and colourful details. For this last post of the year I have chosen three recent photographs, which are among my favourites of 2013. They are shown here together because they all have a dark theme. This theme doesn’t reflect my mood, quite the opposite. However, black is for me not necessarily synonymous to gloominess and unhappiness.

So without further delay, here is the first photo:

Sunset - reflection - river - Munich
Probably my favourite photograph for 2013.

I took this photo during one of my “get in, shoot and get out” short photography projects. This is a water channel in the outskirts of Munich, just next to a busy road. The sun sets just over the channel and this offers some wonderful photo opportunities. I was able to park the car right next to where I photographed from and the whole expedition (get in, shoot, get out) didn’t take longer than 40 minutes. This photograph hasn’t been processed much; an overlayed B&W layer increased contrast and some strategically added fog (there was some fog to begin with) changed the mood. Before all that, I decreased vibrance (took colour away from the foliage) and increased saturation (made the sunset reflection more golden).

The second shot is also from the same photo outing:

Sunset - River - Reflection - Munich
Taken a few minutes before the first photo.

This is an HDR photo consisting of three exposures. One might have sufficed however. I processed for the most realistic look possible and I can say, this is as close to how I remember the scene as possible. Still predomintantly black, different overall mood however.

The third and final photo is from a small park lake I have presented in a previous post.

Lake - Fence - Reflection - Sunrise - Munich
I was drawn to this location by the fence reflections on the water.

This is also an HDR photo consisting of five exposures. I originally processed and created the realistic coloured photograph. Then as I was at the time influenced by the first shot in this post, I went for a similar look, B&W with selective colouring. I ended up choosing what you see here. The reflections on the water have been given a red hue instead of the original yellow hue. My original intention when taking the shot was to remove the high tension pylons during post processing, but I then liked them and let them be.

So with these three favourite photos, I bid you goodbye for 2013 and wish to all of you a happy, healthy, prosperous and photogenic 2014! See you next year…

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