The clock and the carousel

I was looking forward to photographing the Christmas markets this year. I was looking forward to the Crhistmas markets in general actually. Well, as it turns out babies, and in particular The Baby and Christmas markets don’t mix well. So, despite our best intentions, we only managed to go once this year and even then, it was a hurried affair.  As a result, my collection of relevant photos is extremely limited. But, I have managed to take a couple of good ones, which I am posting today.

They are all from the Christmas market in Innsbruck, which is one of the largest and more picturesque I have seen. Definitely worth visiting; unless you are Italian, in which case you have already visited and you know what I am talking about. Yes, there are usually more Italians than Austrians in Innsbruck’s Christmas markets. Not that this is a bad thing, I am just saying.

And now, to the photos; this is the first one and my favourite of the three:

Innsbruck - Christkindlmarkt - Christmas Market
I liked this clock so much, I had to photograph it. The balcony in the background balances the shot.

I am proud of this shot just because I managed to hold the camera steady for three shots at around 1/10 sec shutter speed. I then blended the three shots and processed towards what you see here. Yes vibration control certainly helped, as well as automatic alignment from the post processing software.

This next one  counts for half a photo. It would have counted for a full nice photo, had I waited for the group of young ladies to get out of the way. But I didn’t. And so they obstruct the Glühwein canteen.  This is also a 5 exposure blended shot. This time however, the camera was resting on a short cement pole, so there were no camera movement problems.

Innsbruck - Christmas - HDR
One reason I went for this look during post processing (first photo as well) was to hide the high ISO induced noise.

Finally, a photo of the carousel couldn’t be missing from this small collection. This was taken just minutes before the market closed, when it wasn’t that crowded any more. For this long exposure I had to rest the camera on a garbage bin, which proved to be annoyingly popular. During post processing I tried both the blurry look with negative clarity as well as the contrasty look with high clarity. I settled on the second because it makes the paintings in the middle of the carousel visible.

Carousel - Innsbruck - Christmas
Next year The Baby will want to ride on this instead of just looking.

This was it for Christmas market photos for this year. “Leider” not a single “Christkindlmarkt Hütte”. One can only hope that next year the opportunities will be more abundant.

Until then, merry Christmas and a happy new year to everyone!

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