Morning shadows

I took this photograph of the long shadows cast by the morning sun on the forest floor a couple of weeks ago. This is an HDR photo consisting of five exposures merged by HDR Pro in Photoshop and then converted back to LDR 16bits.

Forest floor
Shadows on the forest floor in October

I still couldn’t get rid of the overexposed leafs in the middle, but will try again sometime in the future and repost if I get a better result. The photograph in my opinion would have been better if I had shot from a different angle so that the shadow and sun lines go straight up and if I had omitted from the frame the small branches in the bottom left corner. Too late now …

On the same morning, but some time earlier, before the sun rose I took this sunrise photograph.

Sunrise fields 1_HDR Small
Fields just before sunrise

This is also an HDR photo consisting from five exposures, although three or even a single exposure might do as the dynamic range wasn’t that high after all. I like the fields on the consecutive levels in this photograph, but the trees in the background don’t add anything to the image. In addition, I think this image is a bit dark and moody but this exposure conveys best the light at that time.


© Epameinondas Stamos 2013

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