Not quite there yet

A couple of weeks ago I left the house early on a Saturday morning and went to Wasserburg am Inn, which is a small, very beautiful town around 50-60 Km south east of Munich. The weather forecast was for early fog and then sunshine, so I went there hoping for some low hanging fog over the river, or some beautiful autumn colors in the early sunshine. In the end the fog was there but it wasn’t low hanging, it was high up completely blocking the sun. So after photographing Wasserburg from a touristic vantage point (see below), I went into the woods to see if I could get some detail shots in the uniform ambient light.

Wasserburg Panorama small
Wasserburg am Inn from above

Three hours and 100 photographs later I headed home. The tally of the day was a few (very few) photographs which I liked as I first opened them on Lightroom, and then I really liked after considerable Photoshop processing. You can find those photographs (called Rotting trees, Inn river in October and Moss on trees) here.

These however, are not the photos I want to write about in this post. Today I want to write about the photographs that “are not quite there”. In other words, photographs were something is missing. For example this next photograph with the moss covered trunk:

Mossy trunk small
Cut down tree covered with moss

When I saw it, I immediately liked the rich green color of the moss. The location was so clattered with tree branches that I had to bend or break a couple just to get an unobstructed camera view. Took the shot, and then at home tinkered a bit with saturation to make the green stand out more. The photo is OK, but not great, and it does not convey the scene. Although I removed a few branches, the photo still looks clattered to me. It also looks very flat. The trunk wasn’t flat, it stood out. The focus is a couple of centimeters off and the front of the trunk is not sharp enough. Probably should have closed the aperture more. Finally there are too many leafs on top of the trunk. They looked better in reality, but I should have probably thrown some away.

I little while later I shot this vertical panorama. The sun was beginning to break through the fog, changing the light, increasing the contrast. I really like looking at high trees and thought that a vertical panorama would convey what I was seeing at the moment.

Trees and creek small
Forest panorama near Wasserburg am Inn

To make the long story short, no matter how much time I spent on Photoshop afterwards, I couldn’t make the sky look nice and realistic. It either came out too bright, or too dark.

Then I headed to the river and took the following panorama. The scene and lighting was anyway very flat due to the fog, so I was never expecting wonders. I took, among others shots, the panorama shot of the river you see here. The light was so flat and the colors virtually not existing so I later converted to B&W. When I now look at the shot I have the feeling that there was a nice photograph there somewhere, which I have missed.

River Panorama small
Inn river panorama

I would be very happy to read your views and critique on these photos in the comments.

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