Blue blue blue

Is the dominant colour in Greece during summer. Particularly if one is somewhere on an island. All of the following photos were taken with a Canon point and shoot camera. Given that no polarizer was used, the colours didn’t come out bad. The camera however really didn’t do justice to the crystal clear waters which in the photo reflect too much light.

Fisherman - Folegandros
Fisherman in a small natural harbor on the island Folegandros – Greece (higly recommended!)

Fishermen like this are quite common in Greece. Some of them also own restaurants, where they cook and sell every evening the fish they caught early in the day. Talk about fresh fish!

Folegandros - sea
Crystal clear waters all around

As I said, you water can’t get much more crystal clear. As far as I remember, this photo was actually taken on the harbour while waiting for the ferry. Technically speaking, the horizon should be a bit lower and that slab of concrete has no business being there at the bottom left corner, but when I lifted the camera the bottom of the sea wasn’t visible any more due to reflections. One should really invent circular polarizers for point & shoot cameras!

Folegandros - sea and rocks
From a small boat on the way to a beach whose name I don’t remember

Another one from Folegandros, this time taken from a small boat while sailing around the island. Apart from the blue of the sea, rocks are the only other thing one will see on Folegandros. By the way, there were some spectacular sea caves near that location.

Mykonos Alkyon
Pool at a beloved hotel on Mykonos

Ok, this isn’t the sea, it is a hotel pool on Mykonos. But it is painted blue!

Mykonos on a morning with no wind

Mykonos centre from up the mountain (ok, hill). Where does the sea end and the sky begins? During mornings like this on Mykonos when there is a wind (in itself a rare thing), you can’t actually distinguish sea from sky in the horizon.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2012

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