Großvenediger – Austria

Two years ago I spent a week trekking the Großvenediger mountain in East Tirol Austria. Here are some of my favourite photos, all taken with a Canon point & shoot camera, which didn’t give a lot of opportunities to fiddle with controls (there aren’t any really) or any opportunities to post process. In addition, to add insult to injury, in many occasions while taking these photos I was tired. VERY TIRED that is; out of breath with shaky hands from exhaustion. So no one should expect tack sharp pictures here. So now that we have all this out of the way, here are the photos:

GV Going Up
Day one: Our little group on the way to some training

This is us during a short trek on the first day. No faces shown to respect the privacy of the fellow trekkers.

GV Hütte
The Johannishütte from above

The Johannishütte was built in 1857(!) on an altitude of 2121m, at the southern side of Großvenediger. I really like the the way the ground rises and falls around the resort.

GV Peak 1

This one I am very proud of. It is the cross at the peak of Großvenediger (3657m). Großvenediger is one of the 5 highest peaks in Austria and it takes its name from the legend that you can actually see Venice (some 250Km straight south) from the top. I didn’t actually see any canals although it was a clear day.

GV Glacier
Glacier on the way to Großvenediger

To get there we had to walk through all of this; four whole hours on the glacier (we did walk a bit slow). You can see the peak at the centre of the image; it is actually the left one of the two small snowy peaks. If you need a sense of scale, there is a really small dot on the lower right hand side of the image. This dot was actually two people not one.

GV peak -50
Großvenediger – View from the top
GV View
Großvenediger – View from the top

Even without canals, the view from the top was spectacular!

GV snow melt
Melting snow at around 3000 meters

As were the photo opportunities on the way down from the top to the resort.

GV Path
At the end of the path

They didn’t actually fall of from there, the path went on, you just can’t see it from where I am standing with the camera.

GV Gear

This was my gear for the glacier.

GV Glacier2
On the glacier

… which is much dirtier close up than one might think. Not white at all!

GV Dusting of Snow
Dusting of snow

The last night we had a dusting of snow, which gave me a nice photo opportunity the morning we left to get back.

© Epameinondas Stamos 2011


  1. There is something seriously wrong with the native windows image editing software. Simply resizing the images introduced a whole lot of sharpening that has no business being there. I will redo and repost shortly!

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